What are we doing?

Posted on: June 17th, 2013 by georgepiek No Comments

We try our utmost best to provide our customers with transport tailored to their wishes. We offer competing prices, maximum effectivity, premium quality and reliability. Also, we are highly concerned with environmental issues which will be taken into account whilst providing our services. The Dutch government decided to stimulate inland shipping, the so called “Blue Road”. This will reduce road transportation and thus CO2 emissions and traffic congestion. Whichever cargo you would like to transport, we can always offer you our experience, expertise, flexibility, service and up to date fleet. Whether you would like to transport your cargo to Rhine, Main, Mosel, Neckar, Saar, Donau, the German canals or whatever European inland waterway, we will always fulfil your logistic wishes in exchange for a competitive price. In order to comply to your wishes, it is of the utmost importance that we closely work together with the largest German transporting companies situated in the hinterland. Additionally, we are the agents for these companies in the Netherlands. Besides all this we can also provide you with documentation, storage, transshipment, import and export. If you require additional pre- and post transportation we can offer this from “door-to-door” (by ship, by truck and by track). Basically, we can present you high quality logistics in its broadest sense.

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